Photography Class

February 13, 2013

Tonight, I am checking off one of my resolutions by starting photography class and I am so excited! After attending two photography design camps at Alt Summit, I already feel more comfortable shooting in manual mode on my camera (similar one) and hopefully that feeling will only improve.

At Alt, the duo behind Blue Lily Photography and Nicole Gerulat really explained things in an “easy-to-understand-even-for-an-amateur-way” and lucky for you, they both offer classes to help you shoot better images. Nicole’s Classes are online and she has a book, Photo 101, which I am currently reading.

During the Tabletop Photography design camp, Nicole set up sample photo shoots to show us how she would shoot the image.  Then we were able to practice while Nicole provided her critique. Here are a few before and after shots.

Before: wrong angle, too much light

After: Not perfect by any means but the color and detail on the necklace pops

Before: Too zoomed in, too bright

After: Getting better, but still a looooong way to go

Before: Yikes!

After: Once again, getting better but not there yet

All of the shoots above were styled by Nicole Gerulat with products from Alice Lane. However, I took all of these junky pictures. I am determined to get better though!

And if my skills do improve after this class, I may just have to reward myself with these camera accessories I have been wanting – a Rebecca Minkoff Camera bag, a new camera strap and a new lens.

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